Architecture plays an important part in daily existence as the physical ground upon which we live. Moving from place to place in the space outlined by architectural ideas, we make our own universe in relation to this reality. Everyday we pass through a space that is partly our creation and partly that of a designer/builder.

Today the responsibility accorded to architects and designers to shape our lives is an underestimated yet fundamental aspect of the way we live. The concern for living and lifestyle seems to be ubiquitous in our societies but when it comes to creating spaces that are functionally and aesthetically attuned to living, most places fall far short of expectations.

Km Designworks (“KM”) is an architecture and design practice that has as its basis an overriding concern for the nature of the places we live in. Starting from the design approach of Yildirim Kocaciklioglu that is focused on fusing the spirit of modernism with classic traditions, to Cem Kocaciklioglu’s finely detailed interiors and exteriors for modern living, the firm’s works spanning thirty years show an abiding care for how clients work and live. In the numerous works by the firm, whether they are buildings, interiors, or furniture, we see how each place and object is carefully designed with attention to the clients’ way of living, the context in which it exists, and the overall environment.

KM creates architecture and design that enhance space by creating functional solutions at every scale and point of the project from seemingly the most mundane to the most visible. Bathrooms, corridors, stairwells, and service areas, inevitably places where we spend a lot of our day are treated as important places as much as the grander spaces of entrances, living rooms, and individual offices. Viewing the project as a whole, each element is intricately tied to the unity of the project without neglecting individual functions and overall efficiency. A living room arrangement is not just a juxtaposition of a chair and sofa but the start of a dynamic design matrix that extends throughout a space for living, tuned to age old rituals and modern lifestyle.

KM’s design aesthetic subtly creates auras from the basic elements of form, shape and light finely tuning the visual focus and program of each space to the overall needs of the client and program. Light, whether natural or artificial, is like an element of architecture in their hands, suffusing space with a positive glow. Moreover, each bit element, from the color and feel of each finely crafted piece of material and texture, to the symbolic power of each design object and piece of art and the rhythm of architectural geometry, are all important in developing a harmonious balance. This uniquely modern balance enhances and does not intrude on how a place is used by the client. This is not architecture and style for its own sake. KM’s explicit design philosophy is concerned with the restrained mediation of each space in a modern way that creates clean, dynamic and comfortable places for living. It is their unique and important contribution to present-day architecture and design.

Gokhan Karakus, Architect