Asian Equilibrium

This single-family villa is on a hill top on the Asian side of Istanbul and was designed to take advantage of the natural beauty of the site. Taking Far Eastern architecture and its harmonious affinity to nature as its main reference, the house was organized around a series of rectangular indoor and outdoor spaces that regularly spread across the plot, accentuating natural elements while creating flexible living spaces. While the poetic arrangement of space towards nature was intended for daily use, the dramatic difference between Istanbul’s seasonal climates was also taken into account in planning. The main living spaces and bedrooms are placed on the southern side to take advantage of the pleasant summer, while more solid walls line the northern façade to guard against the harsh wind and rain in the winter. Nature surrounding the house provided KM with design cues that accentuated the positive aspect of living away from the city centre, with views, air, water and foliage.


İstanbul, Turkey


Private Property



Built Area

352 m 2