Bebek Bouquet

A villa set in a wooded hillside above the Bebek district was reconfigured into a spacious family home for three. Fluid connections in the open plan give residents a wandering circulation route throughout the house. In the middle of the house, there is a family room that is positioned under a skylight that has the same square area as the room itself and it provides abundant daylight to the core of the house.

The use of natural cladding materials of wood and stone on the walls is set within a muted color palette. In many of the spaces, a single color pops up to give dynamism and energy. Dark blue in the entrance, deep red in the dining room, green in the child’s room... The staircase in the entrance was custom designed, with a steel sheet structure that provides visual connection through floors and that lets light through. Its floating steps change course and are transformed into the shelves of a bookcase. The shelves accompany one all the way up to the attic which is the study with scenic views of greenery overlooking the Bosphorus. This play of form and function can often be seen in KM projects. In this particular one, a structural element flowing into a fixture creates visual continuity and facilitates multiple purposes.


İstanbul, Turkey


Private Property



Built Area

320 m 2