Bebek No 129

Another yalı in KM’s arsenal of large houses

A house that facilitates practical living for an international socialite with a very busy travel schedule and a connoisseur of different tastes

The house is spread over three floors and a separate spa space, with a total area of approximately 1,000 sqm. It sits on a 15-metre cliff top, which is one of the most unique and scenic points of the Bosphorus, with a vantage point to the northwest and the northeast both. This provides the living spaces with a broad and deep vista.

The old Ottoman mosque adjacent to the plot has a small and elegant minaret that whimsically appears right next to the swimming pool and merges effortlessly into the paysage. This delightful surprise renders an extraordinary juxtaposition of traditional and modern architectural styles. The exceptionality is further enhanced by the numerous sea vessels (some as big as 150-metre tankers) that continuously glide over the most enchanting waterway of the world.


İstanbul, Turkey


Private Property



Built Area

1500 m2


Waterfront house