Bosphorus Mansion

The main feature of this mansion set atop a hill in Istanbul’s leafy Yeniköy district is its sweeping views of the Bosphorus. The program called for a redesign of the original interior to meet the needs of a middle aged couple whose children had grown. On the first floor the children’s bedrooms were canceled to enlarge the sitting room and the home office/lounge room. The rooms were connected through a wide opening that can be closed when needed with sliding oak panels. On the ground floor a series of spaces were joined together, starting from a breakfast lounge, leading to a dining room which then opens to the grand living room. The arrangement of finely crafted built-in furniture, for example the wide oak panel sliding doors between the breakfast lounge and dining room can completely disappear or one can be left as a separator, to allow direct visual contact between these spaces. This serves to highlight space saving and augmenting qualities of the design. Living potentialities of each room are maximized where each room is given individual qualities while being part of the whole.

And the end result was a lovely home that meets cultural requirements, through the creation of flexible social spaces for all the family members, friends and their guests to enjoy..


İstanbul, Turkey


Private Property



Built Area

580 m 2