Camondo Building

Built between 1861 and 1868 near the Galata Tower at Serdar-ı Ekrem Street, Camondo Apartment was constructed as the residence of the wealthy banking family of Ottoman Istanbul, the Camondos. Renovated and separated into individual flats, today the building is home to several Turkish and expat families.

In this flat overlooking the Historic Peninsula with views of the Topkapı Palace, KM uses a vigorous layer of built-in units and furniture, which intelligently blends in with the walls, hiding its functionality while creating a subtle yet unique design aesthetic. As seen in the dining area, this play between form and function is enriched with curvy forms and indirect lighting. The most intriguing part of the house is perhaps the bookcase, a built-in unit separating the kitchen and living room, also connecting them through a window and counter. Floor to ceiling shelves with various sized grids emphasize the high ceiling of the historic building. Also giving considerable character and warmth to the space, the bookcase design is topped with an oak custom made sliding ladder, the perfect addition to a modern home library.


İstanbul, Turkey


Private Property



Built Area

390 m 2