Five Stone Summer Houses

Located in Yalıkavak Gökçebel district of Bodrum, these 5 houses are set in a 7 acre terrain scattered with tangerine and olive trees. The subtle level changes of the land, the enclosing slope, depths of scenery, existing fauna and olive trees with their sculptural trunks were all taken into careful consideration in the design and orientation process and serve as reference points for the master plan.

Each house with its individual swimming pool and garden was positioned based on the natural landscape and separated from each other to provide maximum privacy. For this reason, not one house is identical another. Plan layouts, furnishings and façades differ while a common aesthetic is maintained throughout the site. Shadings on the fronts and backs of the houses provide alternative outdoor living spaces to their dwellers during different times of the day, while vertical window openings on the other sides allow through a balanced amount of the generous Aegean sunlight. At different positions in every house, these vertical openings were placed on the axis of a specific tree or plant to bring the garden inside, extending the interior space.


Bodrum, Turkey


Five Stone Summer House



Built Area

7085 m 2


Housing Estate