Lake House

This weekend home is located in a forested rural area outside of Istanbul overlooking a sparkling lake. The house is oriented towards the lake, its back supported by the mountainside, providing spectacular views to the primary living space and the master bedroom. KM undertook a holistic interior design, creating an intimate and charming living space that provides a contrast to the bold beauty of the natural environment. The primary palette of muted tones in white and cream dominate the subdued, minimal arrangement of carefully chosen natural motif layers in light shades of wood and textiles. Patterns from nature are found in virtually every piece of furniture and object in the house, objects most of which are not just for decoration but have a functional significance. A roughened marble mantelpiece composed of squares around the fireplace provides a focal point in the living room. Organic forms are weaved together in plays of patterns across similar tones of color to provide a sense of peace and simplicity in tune with nature. From the minute details of rustic objects to larger shapes, nature’s quiet sublime can be felt inside, in tandem with the brilliance of the surroundings, enhancing the overall serenity of the house.


Sapanca, Turkey





Built Area

400 m 2