Modernist Townhouse

The modern sensibility in design has strived to make our homes airy and spacious places, providing a simple backdrop to our lives. As a style, modern architecture has in many instances been a restrictive approach, where only certain designs can be used. Since its beginnings, KM has tried to humanize modern design to where it serves its users and inhabitants and not the other way around. In this interior design project, KM sought to synthesize the functional aspects of the modern with classical features possessing a timeless quality. These designs are highlighted by the placement of handmade furniture in natural tones produced by local craftsmen, matched and mixed with pieces of sleek modern furniture. Stone and wood are used liberally to bring an organic feeling to the domestic interior complemented by natural sunlight and indirect lighting. The modern and classic are weaved together like a tapestry that holds the natural energy of the space together. The focal point of the home is surprisingly the large entrance where a grand piano resides in all its splendor.


İstanbul, Turkey


Private Property



Built Area

430 m 2