On The Waterfront

This waterfront mansion or "yali” in the bay of Bebek on the Bosphorus, was designed in the late 1950's by Kadri Eroğan, an important Turkish modernist architect. Eroğan was in the USA in the 1940s where he worked under Richard Neutra. He later proceeded to complete many iconic projects in Turkey, the most famous of which is the Grand Tarabya Hotel in Istanbul. A champion of modern architecture, his approach was on the universal side of modernism yet was known for the attention he devoted to the real needs of his clients without imposing artistic vision. As seen in this project; horizontal settlements, wide terraces on different levels, large window openings, stone cladding, elegant reinforced concrete elements are characteristic to his designs.

KM, respectful of this architectural heritage, conserved these characteristics and made small interventions on the exterior. The surroundings were enriched with landscaping, the dock and the swimming pool were fully redone and the interior was completely renovated and refurbished in a contemporary manner. Upon entering the house, a sculptural spiral staircase, the spinal cord of the house, sets the tone straight away. The stained walnut steps and panels with embedded hand railing are in contrast with the white stucco outer shell and make a strong presence winding up through the space. Opposite, a vertical wall of lined and blasted stone leads the eye up, producing an enhanced height effect. A new window was opened to let in more daylight, a controlled amount via custom made vertical aluminum slats for shading. This elaborate approach is maintained throughout the house, whether on the ceilings, floors, stone clad walls, built-in units and furniture. Predominantly duo toned, dark and light shades with the use of rich materials come together to create a highly refined aesthetic. This style, both modern and elaborate, is the effective display of character in design molded towards the strict requirements of contemporary urban lifestyle.


İstanbul, Turkey


Private Property



Built Area

1457 m 2


Waterfront House