Terra Cotta Living

The renovation of an apartment in the Yeniköy area of Istanbul involved the large scale use of custom built cabinetry and furniture designed by KM. Building on legacy of bespoke furniture for the last sixty years, KM continues the tradition refined to the clean lines of modern tastes, while retaining the respect for materials and detailing. In this renovation, two flats were united and turned into a spacious and lively home for a family with two young boys, each corner rich in accents and textures. The furniture not only provide an efficient use of space but are also used by KM to create visual focal points, in part sculpted with lighting elements. To emphasize the lightness of its context, a subtle color palette of light tones was used together with deeper tones of gray and walnut wall paneling. These tones also draw attention to the couple’s vast collection of terracotta antiques which are on display in various ways all around the house.


İstanbul, Turkey


Private Property



Built Area

420 m 2